Diploma in Creative Technologies (Advanced)

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Diploma in Creative Technologies (Foundations)
Diploma in Creative Technologies (Advanced)

This program provides students with relevant skills required to pursue careers in the computer aided design and interactive media industries. The program has three unique learning paths including: Industrial Design, Graphic Design, and Interactive Design and Technology. While students are engaged in individual projects, team-based courses require that students also collaborate on group projects which span two or more terms. As students progress through the program they will choose a specialization from one of the three learning paths and develop a professional portfolio to demonstrate their abilities to potential employers.

Projects within the program encourage critical thinking, problem solving, social awareness and ecological impact. Students will be tasked to create original solutions from client briefs, and engage in non-profit community projects.

The Advanced Diploma in Creative Technologies with Co-op also includes a paid 44 week work experience, upon successful completion of all in-class courses/credits. During this time, students will have the opportunity to apply their skills in a work place setting.

Elective Study Options

Students may customize their learning experience by choosing their preferred elective courses from any area within the School of Creative Technologies. Areas of elective study include but are not limited to:

Augmented and Virtual Reality | Motion Design | Visual Effects | Game Design & Development | Manufacturing | Graphic Design | 3D Animation and Modeling | Product Design | App Development & Design

Career Outcomes

Upon successful completion of the Diploma in Creative Technologies (Advanced) program, graduates will have a variety of career path opportunities directly related to the learning path they have completed. Graduates will be prepared to begin their careers in:

Computer Aided Product & Industrial Design
  • Industrial Designers
  • Product Designers
  • Packaging Designers
Graphic Design
  • Layout Designer
  • Web Designer
  • User Experience Designer
Interactive Design & Technology
  • Mobile App Developer
  • Software Designer
  • Creative Director

Program Length

Advanced Diploma:
  • 60 credits (880 hours)
  • 44 weeks
Advanced Diploma with Co-Op:
  • 108 credits (1760 hours)
  • 88 weeks


Industrial Design Learning Pathway
Term 1 Term 2 Term 3 Term 4
Introduction to 3D Arts Group Intermedia Project Group Project Studio Portfolio Studio
Drawing for Design II User Experience Design Portfolio Mentorship Professional Practices
Product Design I 3D Lighting & Rendering I Manufacturing I Manufacturing II
Computer Aided Design Prototyping Elective Elective
Product Design II
Graphic Design Learning Pathway
Term 1 Term 2 Term 3 Term 4
Web Design & Development III Group Intermedia Project Group Project Studio Portfolio Studio
Typography I User Experience Design Portfolio Mentorship Professional Practices
Drawing for Design II Visual Communications Layout Design II Web Marketing and Data Analytics
App Design & Development I Typography II Elective Elective
 Brand Identity Design Print & Packaging
Interactive Design & Creative Technologies Learning Pathway
Term 1 Term 2 Term 3 Term 4
Web Design & Development III Group Intermedia Project Group Project Studio Portfolio Studio
Typography I User Experience Design Portfolio Mentorship Professional Practices
Drawing for Design II Visual Communications App Design & Development III Web Marketing and Data Analytics
App Design & Development I App Design & Development II Elective Elective
Augmented & Virtual Reality Java Programming I

Why choose an education in Creative Technology?

Most people have heard of TED talks. Not everyone knows what TED stands for (Technology, Entertainment, and Design). TED is a non-profit organization that is owned by Chris Anderson, the founder of FUTURE magazine and started in Silicon Valley. Its previous speakers have included James Cameron, Bill Gates, and Stephen Hawking. In 2014 TED chose to relocate its annual conference in Vancouver, Canada. There’s a reason for that!

In 2017 Vancouver was named as the #1 city in Canada and #15 in the world for the world’s best start-up ecosystems due to it “strong industrial foundation, enterprise data and cloud underpinning, and a remarkably diverse talent pool” (Startup Genome). There are over 800 tech start-ups in BC with more than 100,000 people working in the industry. Employment in the industry rose 2.9 percent in 2016, compared to the national tech sector’s growth at 1.1 percent. The government of B.C. wants to grow the number of tech jobs in the province to over 120,000 by 2022. They also want to increase the number of technology graduates by over 1,000 immediately.

Our Team

William Maher, Academic Director of Creative Technologies

William is an experienced Technical Artist with a demonstrated history of working in the higher education industry. Skilled in curriculum development, leadership, team training & development, new program application preparation and review (certificate/diploma/degree). Strong arts and design professional with a Master of Arts degree Computer Animation from the University of Teesside UK.


ADAM KYLE WILSON, Program Ambassador

Adam is a design expert who has many years of experience as an instructor and professional within the digital communications industry, working for top clients such as Nike, Disney, GE, Mercedes, and Lululemon. He has also been featured on stage as a lecturer at the Apple Worldwide Developers Conference as well as the Google I/O conference in San Fransisco. His past students and colleagues have described him as down-to-earth and enthusiastic, with a fresh take on thinking like a designer and the importance of context and process.

Admissions Requirements

Entry into the Advanced Diploma in Creative Technologies requires students to have successfully completed the Diploma in Creative Technologies (Foundation) program or equivalent from another institution, or submit a professional portfolio for review and approval by the Head of Creative Technology. An interview with the Head of Creative Technology may also be required for applicants submitting a portfolio.

If English is not the first language, students will be required to have the pre-requisites to qualify for enrolment in to this program. Please see our International Students page for more details.

How to Apply

If you would like to begin the application process, or have questions about the program you can:

  • Call our campus at 1-604-638-7040 or toll free at 1-877-731-9810.
  • Complete our Request for Information Form and one of our advisors will contact you.

Student Payments

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