Custom English + Activity Programs

Group of Sterling College students on a Whale Watching boat

Are you looking to plan an English program and an enjoyable experience for students of all ages?

We can help you create the trip of a lifetime for your students. Great discounts are available for groups of six or more. Even better, if you have 12 or more students, the chaperone is free of charge!

Scroll down for more info, or contact us to start planning your trip today!

Weekly Schedule

8:30am School opens 8:30am
9am - 11:30am
  • Phrasal verbs, idioms, slang
  • Listening skills, grammar and vocabulary for improved fluency
  • Conversational speaking practice
9am - 12pm
11:30am - 12:30am Lunch 12pm - 1pm
12:30pm - 2:30pm
  • Pronunciation practice
  • Pair, small group and class discussions
  • Fluency development
1pm - 3pm
3:00pm - 5:00pm Cultural, sporting and tourist activities 3:00pm - 5:00pm


Sterling College offers activities twice per week (or five times per week during the Spring, Summer and Christmas vacation programs). Groups may attend any of these activities, but most prefer to create a custom activity program just for the group.

Click here to see what activities we have planned for the coming weeks! For vacation activity calendars, see the individual vacation program pages.

Things to Consider for Groups

  • How many students do you want to bring? Check with your preferred airline to find out how many seats must be booked to receive discounts for groups of tickets.
  • When do you plan to come? The pricing can change if your dates change, so it's important to work out the best dates right at the beginning. Check with your school or company to make sure the dates you want are approved. When you talk to the airline, find out how the pricing changes for different dates, and when the airline must be paid for all the tickets.
  • Do you need a temporary resident visa or study permit to enter Canada? How long will the applications take to prepare, and how long after they are submitted will the travel documents be ready?
  • How much in advance do you need to start making plans? Check with your local Canadian consulate how long it will take to get a visa if needed to enter Canada. Think about how long it will take to promote the group to students and their parents. Some groups plan 9 - 12 months in advance! Others make arrangements only a month or two before arriving!
  • How old are the students you want to bring? If they are 17 or under, you'll need custodianship for them while in Canada, unless you (or their escort) can be their guardian/custodian for the duration of the trip. If the students are coming without an adult escort, Sterling College can provide custodianship. Fees apply.
  • Will the students stay in homestay or will you arrange a different kind of accommodation? For homestay, see Information for Students.
  • Do your students want to mix with students from other nationalities and cultures? It's a great way to make friends and use English while having fun... just join one of our published Vacation English Programs for this great experience. (If you'd prefer a closed group, just ask and we'll design the program that works best for you and your group.) Sometimes we can even place students from different groups and countries with the same homestay family so they really get to know each other well.
  • In order to register a group, we need the students’ legal names, date of birth, homestay requests and any health issues. A $200 deposit per student must be paid upon enrolment in order to receive the Letter of Invitation/Letter of Acceptance for immigration.

Ready to create your program?

Then please, contact us! We'd love to help you create the perfect travel & study experience for your group!

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