Pathway to a Canadian College or University

Sterling College teacher preparing students for university/college

Do you want to move beyond English education, and into a field of your choice? Through Academic English and the support of Sterling College staff, we can help you reach your goals through our Pathway Partner programs. With a wide variety of options available, select the program and courses that suit you.

Sterling College can help you reach your academic goals faster. Whether you’re seeking entry into an engineering program, a graphic design course, or an economic and sustainability program, our staff and curriculum will help you prepare for this transition.

Our Academic English program combines intensive English language training and academic study skills development, providing a pathway for students of all levels of English to Canadian college and university programs. Successful completion of Academic English Level 4 — and in some cases Level 3 — makes it possible to enter one of our Pathway Partner programs without having to take a standardized language proficiency test such as TOEFL or IELTS, provided your academic qualifications meet the college or university program’s entry requirement.

How a university Pathway works

Establish learning goals and set benchmarks and a timeline for your studies. Then begin our Academic English program, or a combination of Power English and Academic English.

Sterling College can fulfill the English requirement for your program. Our staff will help you determine what else you need to apply, and help submit the application. Begin gathering documents for your college/university application: these may include translated transcripts, a letter of intent or other documents.

Use your graduation certificate from Sterling College to fulfill the English requirement in your university or college application.
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