Global Citizen — Antoine

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First Volunteer Experience Hello my name is Antoine, I’m 16 years old and I am from France. Disaster Aid Canada is a very good...   Read More

Global Citizen — Rodolphe

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Volunteering at the Highland Games Hello, my name is Rodolphe Erbeia, I’m a 15 years old French student and this year (2017), I was...   Read More

Student Life – Michie

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“My impressions of Corri are diligent, smart, helpful, friendly, and cheerful. She taught a class about health to me for three months. In these...   Read More

Global Citizen — Mai

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What’s the difference between Volunteering in Canada and in Japan? When I lived in Japan, I didn’t study how to volunteer in school. Like...   Read More

Global Citizen — Miyu

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Volunteering at Disaster Aid Canada I am taking the Global Citizen Certificate at Sterling College. It is such a nice class. We can do...   Read More

Student Life — Kevin

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Canada’s Great Impact on Nature I’ve been in Victoria for more than 2 months. I came here without any expectations but mainly for studying...   Read More

Student Life — Natsumi

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Bitter-Sweet Blossoms It’s already been 3 months since I came to Victoria. My image of Canada was snowy and extremely cold, but Victoria was...   Read More

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