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Canada’s Great Impact on Nature

I’ve been in Victoria for more than 2 months. I came here without any expectations but mainly for studying and improving my English skills. It was always my dream to travel to Canada. I graduated at Sterling College one week ago. My time at Sterling College was great. I like the familiar atmosphere and the fact that there is a very good social cohesion among students and employees from the school. I’m very thankful for the interesting and unforgettable time.

Many people asked me why I chose Victoria. I guess there are several reasons. First of all, I wanted to go to British Columbia so hard. It wasn’t easy to choose between a great number of awesome places in B.C. Secondly, I wanted to improve my English in a place where I have to speak English all the time. Finally, I wanted to see a place which is friendly, safe and offers a lot of leisure opportunities.

In Switzerland some people call Canada Switzerland’s great brother. That’s because in Switzerland nature is very important, the same as in Canada.

Victoria fits perfect for me. I’m really into nature and outdoor going. There are so many different activities you can do in your free time. Whether it is kayaking, fishing, hiking and biking Victoria has unlimited possibilities. Before I came to Canada, I have seen a lot pictures and have heard so many cool stories about this country. In Switzerland some people call Canada Switzerland’s great brother. That’s because in Switzerland nature is very important, the same as in Canada. I was positively surprised how Canadians treat their environment. I have seen several persons picking up garbage on the sidewalk or stopping their car along the street to fill up bags with trash. There are also a great number of volunteers who want to keep Victoria and Vancouver Island clean. I have so much respectful for those people. What’s even more, I like the fact that almost all households are very concerned about their waste management. There is a strict distinction between garbage, plastic, recycling items and food waste.

As a result, for treating nature wisely and friendly, Canada offers endless breathtaking places such as “the Rocky Mountains”, “Tofino” or the great Rainforests along the Westcoast. After I graduated at Sterling College I decided to do a hiking trip on Vancouver Island to clear off my brain and experience Canada’s wonderful nature. I hiked the “Juan the Fuca Trail” in 4 days, a 47-kilometre-long hike through rainforest and along the beautiful Westcoast with all its wildlife and natural beaches. It was such an awesome adventure. On the path I met so many different hikers from all over the world. The trail showed me how unique and magnificent this place is. Even tough humans built this trail; it suits perfectly into the Westcoast’s nature.

It was a great journey which I definitely won’t forget. The trail and my stay on Vancouver Island so far showed me how it’s possible to treat Mother Nature correctly and fairly. Only if everyone is willing to respect the environment how it deserves we can ensure to protect all our natural wonders. Personally, Canadians do a lot for their environment. They go ahead with a very good example for other countries and cultures.

Kevin–Academic English Student from Switzerland

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