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Volunteering at the Highland Games

Hello, my name is Rodolphe Erbeia, I’m a 15 years old French student and this year (2017), I was a volunteer in the Highland Games in Victoria for the 154th anniversary. I chose to volunteer because it is a big event and very famous. Volunteering is part of my class at Sterling College. I recommend everyone to volunteer just once or more in their life because after volunteering you are proud of yourself and happy to help someone.

First, I have to say that the location of the Highland Games was very spacious and wonderful and the weather was perfect. There was a good ambiance and it was very noisy because there were many tents for food, information, and games. This year, there were many people and the Highland Games becomes more famous each year. There are many special activities like caber tossing that attracts many people. For my job, I had to give information to people. It allowed me to practice my English.

Before I started my job, I was very nervous but people were very nice and children were laughing and that gave me the pleasure to work and I was relaxed. During volunteering, I saw many people that I know and it was fabulous. With them, I forgot that I had many responsibilities and I took pleasure while I was working. After the volunteering, I was very proud of myself and why not restart next year…

Rodolphe is taking our Global Citizen Certificate.

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